Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quentin Vs Coen's Print "Friendo"

A few months ago I began working on a series on horror themed prints.

The character of Anton Chigurh(Javier Bardem) in "No Country for Old Men" really stuck in my mind as an unconventional psychotic. I knew the scene that stood out in my mind, so I got to work.

This got put on the back burner because of the concert posters I did last fall.

It just so happened while developing the artwork I also found out Spokeart was putting on a show in NYC called "Quentin Vs Coen: A Tribute to Tarantino and the brothers".

So my piece entitled "Friendo" will be in the "Quentin Vs Coen: A Tribute to Tarantino and the brothers" gallery show April. 7-9 at the Bold Hype Gallery in New York City. Click the flier for details

My print "Friendo" is a 19x25, 5-color silk screen, with 2 metallic layers. These will be available after the show through www.spokeart.net and thereafter through myself.

More details shots and process shots to come.

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