Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Black Book 2010

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to participate in the black book.

Basically, artists will fill this thing up, auction it off, donate the proceeds to archive of hundreds of thousands of concert posters....a living history of rock)

Theres an explanation of everything if you click here.

So I I drew a 2 page spread of quite possibly the most offensive thing I couldve possibly imagined. I call it "The Unholy TRIP"........kinda self-explanatory if youre an idiot like me.....anyway here are the shots

Full color scan..

Chopped up and pasted in the book

New posters!

So I've been pretty busy past couple of months doing posters and painting and re-moving and traveling.....see thats lots:)

Anyway, thought I'd post a few of the newer posters...As always check HERE for all the new ones.

Caribou-Toro Y Moi-May.9(Mothers Day)-First Unitarian Church-Phila

-Edition of 50. 3-color. Printed by Abnrml. There's a few of these left. Msg me for more info "Yes that IS a MOM tattoo on that man's bicep"

Free Energy-Jukebox The Ghost-Miniature Tigers-5/28-First Uni-Phila

-Edition of 50(?). 2-color, Produced/Printed by Abnrml. Illustrated by Me. Based on lyrics from Free Energy song "Wild Wind's"...Available for purchase day after show(if any are left)

Mono-Twlight Sad-June.1-First Uni-Phila

-Edition of 100. 3-color. Printed by abnrml. Available for purchase day after show(if any are left)