Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New posters!

So I've been pretty busy past couple of months doing posters and painting and re-moving and traveling.....see thats lots:)

Anyway, thought I'd post a few of the newer posters...As always check HERE for all the new ones.

Caribou-Toro Y Moi-May.9(Mothers Day)-First Unitarian Church-Phila

-Edition of 50. 3-color. Printed by Abnrml. There's a few of these left. Msg me for more info "Yes that IS a MOM tattoo on that man's bicep"

Free Energy-Jukebox The Ghost-Miniature Tigers-5/28-First Uni-Phila

-Edition of 50(?). 2-color, Produced/Printed by Abnrml. Illustrated by Me. Based on lyrics from Free Energy song "Wild Wind's"...Available for purchase day after show(if any are left)

Mono-Twlight Sad-June.1-First Uni-Phila

-Edition of 100. 3-color. Printed by abnrml. Available for purchase day after show(if any are left)

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