Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I'm not much on Rear Window ethics" print for upcoming Gallery1988 Suspense&Gallows show

This is my piece for the upcoming Gallery 1988 show "Suspense&Gallows:a tribute to Hitchcock" opening friday April. 13th in Santa Monica, Ca (Gallery1988 Venice location).
I was foruntate to be able to base my piece on the Alfred Hitchcock classic 'Rear Window'.
Always loved watching this one growing up!
The prints namesake, a quote from Grace Kelly in the film, offered quite a prophetic parallel to our current voyeuristic culture.
As you can see the colors came out quite beautiful and more vibrant than anticipated(good thing:) Printed by the lovely folks at The Half and Half.
I'll have copies of this available in my store toward the end of April.